Student Board S1 Prasetiya Mulya

Who We Are and
What We Do

Student Board S1 Prasetiya Mulya is an independent, democratic, free, and responsible student organization that does not affiliate with any political party, race, religion, or any other group.

It aims to enhance the quality of Prasmulyan based on the foundation of CHAIN (Caring, Humility, Achievement, Integrity) and 4C (Competency, Connectivity, Character, Contribution).

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Our Mission


the sense of concern of Prasmulyan to the programs of Student Board.


the Personal Development of Prasmulyan through the programs of Student Board.

Collect and Distribute

the voice of aspiration of Prasmulyan.


the value of Family in each programs that implemented.

Special Functions of Student Board

Develop Professionalism

Place for students to develop professionalism in positive activities.

Broaden your knowledge

Place for students to broaden their knowledge and positive attitude.


Place for students to give contribution in business and management.

Student Representative

Symbol for students representative in internal and external activities.

Our Events

Our Projects

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