Board of Executive


Make Student Board as a family that can assist in developing an identity of Prasmulyan CHAIN (Caring, Humility, Achievement, Integrity) and raising awareness of Prasmulyan as the part of the Student Board.


The project of this division are:

Pop Up Market is an annual, non-profit, thematic bazaar that showcases local brand. A variety of tenants are involved, starting from fashion, food and beverages, creative, up to on:services tenants to celebrate urban street culture. Other events such as fashion show, music performances, press conference, workshop as well as competitions are also part of Pop Up Market’s series of events. With its unique concept, Pop Up Market has successfully increases its visitors each year, with a total of 13,790 visitors in 2012 and 71,711 visitors in 2017.

A formal awarding night held by Student Board to appreciate selected Prasmulyan who has contributed toward Student Board’s events and projects all year long. Awards and nomination are given for Committee, Board of Director, Event & Project, and individual levels.

Student Board Election aims to facilitate democracy and regeneration by providing the opportunity for Prasmulyan to give their voice and vote for the next President and Vice President of Student Board. It consists of several activities such as open recruitment for candidates, selection, campaign, debates, open speech, and voting day.