C.L.I.C (Come. Listen. Interpret. Change) is an organization under the auspices of Personal Development Student Board which committed to hold Creative Seminars and Workshops.


C.L.I.C holds series of seminar and workshop according to the needs and interests of students especially Prasmulyan as the implementation of the C.L.I.C’s core values: Insight, Inspire, Change.


In the third period, C.L.I.C 2016/2017 succeeded in holding a total of 2 seminars and 1 workshop with
Ernanda Putra, Founder & Creative Director of Makna Creative, Audrio Susanto, CEO of AYE&CO, and
Kevin Wiyarnanda from Ismaya Live, as a speakers for its first seminar, Expnding Possibilities. Adam
Khoo Learning Technologies Group was invited for the workshop Dealing With Generation Z and to close
its period of 2016/2017, C.L.I.C’s biggest seminar yet was held by inviting Ernest Prakarsa, a stand up
comedian and film director as well as Patricia Gouw, 1 st runner up of Asia’s Next Top Model for the seminar Persistence To Excellence.