Community Affairs


Community Affairs responsible to ensure the well being of organizations and communities and maintain coordinations between them.


The projects of this Division are:

Communty Life is a part of Introductory Program, an orientation program for new coming students to adapt to new university life. As community plays a very important role and is inseparable from student’s life, this program will introduce various student organizations and activity clubs. Prasetiya Mulya offers a wide variation of Student Activity Club, such as sports, arts, academics, and other specific interests. Student organizations are highly supported by campus and is under the supervision of Student Board. Community Life encourages new students to choose and join any organizations or clubs that best suit their interest as a way for them to gain new friends, relations, skills as well as experiences.

With various organization and activity clubs that coexist within Prasetiya Mulya, coordination and understanding between these communities are very important. Hence, every year, Organization Gathering provides a place for every community to introduce their organization or clubs, their plan for the coming year and present or seek an opportunity for collaboration. Community Affairs will also equip board members with leadership or administrative skills according to their specific roles to prepare them before they start leading their organization. This event is a symbol of unity and a beginning of good relationships between the different communities for year ahead.

As a follow up for Organization Gathering, Community Affairs held a periodic meeting every 3 months called Prasmulyan Board Meeting. Inviting both organizations’ and clubs’ board members, Prasmulyan Board Meeting will discuss a more detailed plan and make sure the coordination is well-communicated and maintained. A year-round activity held in Prasetiya Mulya will be periodically scheduled along with the use of facilities, places and even resources to ensure all events and projects can be maximized and serve Prasmulyan’s needs at its best.

DROP-in functions as a controlling plan for Students Activity Clubs (SAC). Each of the clubs will be assigned to a member of Student Board’s Community Affairs Division that shares the same skills or interest. Members of Community Affairs will then assist each club in their daily operations including planning a weekly meeting, making reports, joining competitions, paying visits to events and even creating their own. Members of Community Affairs are responsible to ensure each club is making a progress and achieving their goal at the end of the year.

We always strive to live up to Student Board’s value, which is Understanding is Our Priority. Therefore, we always try to accommodate every passion and interest of each Prasmulyan. That is why, SAC Initiation provides students an opportunity to propose new clubs and communities. Community Affairs will help throughout the development stage from research to creating a proposal, but will also challenge new club’s commitment and preparation through the testing stage until it is ready to officially operate in Prasetiya Mulya.