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Our Events

Introductory Program

IP (Introductory Program) is a series of orientation activities for new students of S1 Prasetiya Mulya conducted annually. The program is structured to help the process of adaptation of new students on lecture activity in S1 Prasetiya Mulya; introduce and apply the values CHAIN (Caring, Humility, Achievement, and Integrity) and to deliver the Prasetiya Mulya student’s identity, that is 4C (Character, Competency, Connectivity, and Contribution).

Liga Prasmul

LIGA PRASMUL is the anticipated annual sports event that is held throughout the months of November to December. LIGA PRASMUL aims to escalate the relationships between fellow Prasmulyan in terms of teamwork, friendship, coordination as well as bring out the inner sportsmanship within each and every Prasmulyan.

Music Night

Music Night is an annual music festival organized by Art and Skill Division of Student Board S1 Prasetiya Mulya. Music Night is held at the end of every year as the year-end event and held as familiarity event for all Prasmulyan.

Music Night is also intended as a chance for all Prasmulyan to show their interest and talent in art. Indonesian famous artists or musicians also participate to enliven this event.


EURECA (Entrepreneur Creative Challenge) is a range of national business competition for youth. It is held to realize vision in developing entrepreneurial skills that can improve Indonesia to become a better nation.

This event consists of Business Plan Competition (BPC), Marketing Plan Competition (MPC), and Management Debate Competition (MDC). BPC participants will show their entrepreneurial skills by presenting their business plan in front of the investor and entrepreneurs. MPC participants must solve a real-life cases related to marketing problem provided by the case contributor.  While MDC participants will discuss and present an argument around issues about entrepreneurship. EURECA aims to bring out the spirit of entrepreneurship in both internal and external students.

Pop Up Market

Pop Up Market is an annual event for young entrepreneurs, which is held by students of S1 Prasetiya Mulya.

More than an event, Pop Up Market is a creative and lifestyle fashion destination where you could find some fresh every year. A collage of retail therapy with a celebration of urban street culture, Pop Up Market serves as a breath of fresh air in this pandemonium life of Jakarta’s urbanites.

Bringing theme of ‘fashion districts’ as its edge annually, Pop Up Market acts as a platform for rising local brands that are fresh, creative, unique and vibrant, ones that deserve our acknowledgements.

Prasmul Olympics

Prasmul Olympics is an event under the auspices of Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics, which want to organize a competition for the arts and sport, which aims to strengthen the sense of kinship between Prasmulyan or with other external parties. In addition, it also aims to instill and strengthen the spirit of sportsmanship society, especially the younger generation.

Indonesian Culture and Nationalism

Indonesian Culture and Nationalism (ICN) is a series of national events held by Student Board S1 Prasetiya Mulya. ICN consists of 3 main events, which are ICN Conference which brings 34 delegates to represent 34 provinces in Indonesia, ICN Festival where we invite inspirational figures to pass along the spirit of Indonesian nationalism, and Food Exhibition where we bring Indonesia’s scrumptious cuisines to Prasetiya Mulya. With those events, we intend to increase nationalism and love for culture in Indonesia’s generation of young people to create a better Indonesia.

Social Week

Social Week is the Corporate Social Responsibility program of Student Board S1 Prasetiya Mulya. There will be 3 main events and a new event, which starts from Donor Darah in S1 Prasetiya Mulya University,  after that there will be seminar and workshop UKM, 1000 Buku and closed by Pesta Rakyat as the peak of the events. As the CSR programs we are not only give education, but also entertainment.


SANSKERTA is the biggest art performance under Student Board S1 Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics. The event was created to make young generation of Indonesia realize and show appreciation to the wonderful heritage of the culture that we own. Noble values inside every culture that often forgotten, will be packaged in a musical drama which consist of Theatre, Music, and Dance that will be performed by Prasmulyan, therefore Sanskerta will also become medium for the student’s self expression. We believe the modernly pacakged culture through art will touch the heart of the audiences and build up their love to change Indonesia.

Art Week

Art Week is a new event, created in 2016, under Art and Skills Division Student Board S1 Prasetiya Mulya. It was first established because of the need to accomodate talents and creativity of the prasetiya mulya students and also youth around.

There are 3 main events: exhibition, where we will be showcasing the art works of the students, workshops where we will held classes and seminar to deepened their knowledge and skills and also the artnity award where we will give appreciation to outstanding student of prasetiya mulya that has contributed in student activity clubs of prasetiya mulya. Art Week purposes are to inspire, aknowledge, and give new art experiences to all participant who is involved in this event.

Art Week: “showcasing your true creativity”

Our Projects


Horizon Magazine was published in 2013, making it the first communicatiom media in S1 Prasetiya Mulya. It strives to provide lifestyle-related news and information for Prasmulyan through worth reading articles, featuring local issues and figures. Horizon Magazine helps Prasmulyan deepen their knowledge and passion through reading. Each month, Horizon Magazine delivers the articles in five intriguing rubrics: Affairs, Business, Customs, Destination, and Enhance.

Horizon Radio came in the year of 2014, making Horizon the first integrated media at S1 Prasetiya Mulya. It is a digital audio based communication system which facilitates Prasmulyan in developing creativity and provides actual and educational information, as well as entertaining. With the presence of Horizon Radio, communication that happens can now also include various sub-aspects such as information media, promotion, and self-actualization of Prasmulyan. Horizon Radio‘s programs are: Music 101, Jam Malam, Monday Madness, E-Vaganza, College Life, and Women’s Talk.


MOSE MOSE is a project under Social and Environment Division of Student Board that will encourage prasmulyan to be more concern and get involved to the environmental and social issues in indonesia.

Come, Listen, Interpret, Change (CLIC)

C.L.I.C (Come. Listen. Interpret. Change) is an organization under the auspices of Personal Development Student Board which committed to hold Creative Seminars and Workshops.

C.L.I.C holds series of seminar and workshop according to the needs and interests of students especially Prasmulyan as the implementation of the C.L.I.C’s core values: Insight, Inspire, Change.

In the first period, C.L.I.C 2014/2015 has successfully held two seminars. The first seminar was about successful startup business with Bluesville, Puyo, and Berrybenka as speakers. The second seminar was to commemorate Kartini Day with Alexandra Asmasoebrata and Dian Sastrowardoyo as speakers.

This year, C.L.I.C is entering the second period and willing to present better with new innovations. This year will be held 3 events consisting of two seminars and one workshop which are Entrepreneur’s Lifestyle Seminar Personal Branding Workshop, and Inspiring Seminar.

The Blue Merchant

The Blue Merchant is an official merchandise as well as the first project created by Financial and Resource Development Division of Student Board S1 Prasetiya Mulya. We are a group of S1 Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics students dedicated to providing you the best of Prasetiya Mulya merchandise (signature and seasonal) at  the most affordable prices. By merchandise means, we are selling apparel, stationary, souvenir, and accessories.

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