Human Resources

Human Resource is the division which is responsible for the recruitment process, controlling, and development of human resources for events and programs under Student Board.


The main activities under this division are:

The recruitment process covers everything starting form the planning stage until the evaluation upon all events and projects under Student Board. Its main focus is to give all Prasmulyan an equal chance to be a part of Student Board’s events and projects.

All activities under Student Board is controlled by Human Resources Division of Student Board to ensure its value, vision, and mission are compatible with Student Board.

Student Board has a variety of programs during its one-year period. Therefore, it is necessary to train and develop the skills of each of its members to ensure all activities achieve their respective goals.

Another function of Human Resources Division was to appreciate Prasmulyan’s hard work and evaluate the working performance to maintain the harmony inside committees and Prasmulyan’s commitment.

Human Resources Division opens and welcomes all Prasmulyan to develop themselves. Therefore, this program’s focus is on creating a two-way communication between internal parties of Student Board and Prasmulyans.

This program involves recording the entire track record of all Prasmulyan, both active in Student Board’s activities and not.

Prasmulyan is expected to receive, understand and dig deeper information regarding the organizational life in Prasetiya Mulya as well as to understand the benefits gained from being a part of clubs and organizations.