Personal Development

Personal Development is the Division that develop, encourage, and facilitate the students with activities that aimed to improve the ability of the students in the various aspects of academic and character.


The projects of this Division are:

Introductory Program is a series of orientation activities that is conducted annually for new students of S1 Prasetiya Mulya. The program is structured to help the process of adaptation for new students through a series of lectures and activities regarding campus life in Prasetiya Mulya University. It introduces and applies Prasetiya Mulya’s values and character, which are CHAIN (Caring, Humility, Achieving, and Integrity) and AMICA (Analytical Thinking, Maturity, Interpersonal Relationship, and Achievement).

EURECA is a range of national scale competition targeted for youth. It is a medium of competition and source of insight, and it ultimately aims to encourage entrepreneurs to step up to the challenge. EURECA is divided into 3 competitions, which are Business Plan Competition (BPC), Marketing Plan Competition (MPC), and Management Debating Competition (MDC). BPC participants will show their skills by presenting their business plan. MPC participants must solve real life company business cases related to marketing, and MDC participants will debate upon a motion related to the business world. EURECA aims to bring out the entrepreneurial spirits in both internal and external parties.

ICN is a series of events that aims to enhance the sense of nationalism in youth and to preserve the importance of our local culture. ICN consists of 3 main events, ICN Conference, ICN Food Exhibition, and ICN Festival. ICN Conference is a national youth conference that involves 34 delegates that represent each of the provinces in Indonesia. ICN Food Exhibition is an event that invites many local cuisines to Prasetiya Mulya. The event will be closed by ICN Festival, an extraordinary festival that invites many inspirational public figures to share their experiences and pass along the spirit of Indonesian nationalism.

C.L.I.C is a project under Personal Development Division of Student Board that is committed to hold creative seminars, talk shows and workshops for Prasmulyan. It holds a series of educational activities according to the needs and interests of Prasmulyan to implement C.L.I.C’s core values: Insight,
Inspire, Change.