Public Relation


Public Relations is the Division that handles the communication between internal and external of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.

The project of this division are:

Maintaining good relations with internal as well as external parties have always been a part of our goal. Whether it be with corporations, public and private universities, other external communities, or S1 Prasetiya Mulya’s internal management such as CDC, MCR, SAC & SCC, and other independent organizations, Student Board strives to keep in touch with all of them by building a database of all of the parties associated.

Tour de Campuses is a program that facilitates S1 Prasetiya Mulya and other universities to learn from each other and exchange ideas and experiences. This program is in the form of campus visit, whether it be Student Board that visits another university or vice versa. In the previous year, Student Board successfully accepted 5 universities with varying objectives to visit and learn from us and visited two national universities in Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore.

Horizon Radio came in the year of 2014, making Horizon the first integrated media at S1 Prasetiya Mulya. It is a digital audio based communication system which facilitates Prasmulyan in developing creativity, broadcasting knowledge and providing educational information as well as entertainment. With the presence of Horizon Radio, communication that happens now include various sub-aspects such as information media, promotion, and self-actualization for Prasmulyan. Horizon Radio‘s programs are: Passion Club, Jam Malam, Monday Madness, E-Vaganza, College Life, and Daily Dose.

Horizon Magazine was published in 2013, making it the first communicatiom media in S1 Prasetiya Mulya. It strives to provide lifestyle-related news and information for Prasmulyan through high quality articles that feature local issues and figures. Horizon Magazine helps Prasmulyan deepen their knowledge and passion through reading in an entertaining way. Each month, Horizon Magazine delivers the articles in five intriguing rubrics: Affairs, Business, Customs, Destination, and Enhance.

Social Media is a platform to communicate with people all over the world. In Student Board, we use Social Media to give information, updates, and teasers or trailers regarding different events as a source of knowledge and communication. Student Board use 3 types of Social Media platforms: Instagram, Youtube and LINE. Follow us on @sbprasmul for more information inside and outside of Prasetiya Mulya.

Mailing list is a tool that allows us to announce information such as open recruitments, special events, and obituaries regarding Prasmulyan. It is an effective and efficient way to distribute and announce news easily as it is available for each and every student in Prasetiya Mulya. Using Announcement as our type of mailing list, information spread to internal members of Prasetiya Mulya are trustworthy as we do not accommodate any unauthorized information.

Up Wall is a form of decorated bulletin board that is organized by Student Board. It is formed with the purpose of a source of information about campus life for Prasmulyan. In addition, Up Wall is also a place of appreciation to those who excel in both academic and non-academic activities. Its contents are made up of Upcoming Events, Event Timeline, Smartcut, Prasmulyan of the Month, Phoenix Player of the Month, and Information.

Student Board’s official website is a source of media information regarding Student Board’s management as well as its events and projects. It is also a place to accommodate Prasmulyan’s aspirations.